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Synchrotones_logoWelcome to the new home of Synchrotones Music Solutions. We’ve only just moved in, so please bear with us – it’ll be tidy soon enough! Thank you. Stay up-to-date by following @Synchrotones.


Dear Esther Suite

Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has released a new cue called “Dear Esther (Suite)”. It is inspired by the videogame “Dear Esther”, particularly its ending and final monologue. The intent was to create a piece that is at once sad and hopeful. The following instruments were used:

Piano & Bass: IK Multimedia’s Sampletank 3 | Strings & Woodwinds: CineSamples’ CineSymphony Lite | Cello, Double Bass, Violin, Harp, Timpani & Cymbal: EWQL’s Smyphonic Orchestra Platinum | Glass: Will Bedford’s Water Glass | Kalimba: Origins of Audio’s Dark Kalimba | Vocal: Stafano Maccarelli’s Clara’s Vocal | Synths & Pads: Output Inc’s Signal, Wide Blue Sound’s Orbit, HeavyoCity’s Vocalise, Frozen Plain’s ColourForm | Reverb: Eventide’s Blackhole | Native Instrument’s Replika.

You can listen to the track on SoundCloud, or you can listen to it below:

Easter Dance

Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has released a new cue called “Easter Dance”, a short and upbeat orchestral march for woodwinds, strings, brass and percussion. Software used: Cinesamples, Sonokinetic and East West Symphonic Orchestra.

Instruments used: Woodwinds: CineSymphony Lite (CineSamples), Capriccio (Sonokinetic) || Strings: CineSymphony Lite (CineSamples), Capriccio (Sonokinetic) || Symphonic Orchestra (East West) || Brass: CineSymphony Lite (CineSamples), Capriccio (Sonokinetic) || Drums and snares: Capriccio (Sonokinetic) || Cymbals: Symphonic Orchestra Platinum (East West)

You can listen to the track on SoundCloud, or you can listen to it below:

Twenty Fifteen

Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has released a new cue called “Twenty Fifteen”, a dynamic orchestral suite, composed and mixed in a day using (mostly) Kontakt libraries I purchased during 2015’s various sales. Nothing too serious, just having fun with my new toys!

Instruments used: Synths: Colourform (Frozen Plain), SynthMaster 2.7 (KV331) || Pianos: Felt Piano (Spitfire Audio), Signal (Output) || Flutes: Bansuri and Xiao (Aria Sounds) || Cymbals: Symphonic Orchestra (East West) || Percussion: Forest Drums (Impact Soundworks), Humdrum (Modwheel), HIPP (Sonokinetic) || Vocals/Choirs: Vocalisa (Impact Soundworks), Requim (8Dio) || Strings/Brass/Woodwinds: Capriccio (Sonokinetic).

You can listen to the track on SoundCloud, or you can listen to it below:

Mars (Suite, Part 1)

Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has released a new cue called “Mars (Suite, Part 1”), inspired by both the movie “The Martian” and Harry Gregson-Williams’ score for it. It’s written in a similar, understated manner, relying on a hybrid sound of synths and orchestra. Instruments used include: Output Inc’s SIGNAL, Wide Blue Sound’s ORBIT, IK Multimedia’s SAMPLETANK 3, Cinesamples’ CINESYMPHONY LITE and Sample Oddity’s EPIC LAUNDRY.

You can listen to the track on SoundCloud, or you can listen to it below:

You’d Better Run, Boy!

Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has released a new track called “You’d Better Run, Boy!”. It’s an all-out, balls-to-the-wall epic trailer track. Racing strings and woodwinds, brass accents and an arsenal of sticks and toms. It’s available on SoundCloud, but you can also listen below. This composition uses the following libraries: Strings: CineSamples CINESYMPHONY LITE & ewql’s SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA. Brass & Woodwinds: ewql’s SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA. Percussion: Aria Sounds’s COLOSSAL TOMS & Nine Volt Audio’s TAIKO 2 & Steinberg’s TRIEBWERK & ewql’s SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA. Synth Pad: Wide Blue Sound’s ORBIT. Choir: NI’s KONTAKT.

You can listen to this cue right here:

Lokomotif and Maschine

Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has released two new songs on SoundCloud. Both are electro / techno and make use of various analogue-sounding synthesizers (some of which are freeware). The initial inspiration for these two cues is the electronic (EDM-inspired) soundtrack to “Chappie”; though the two Synchrotones tracks are arguably even more techno / trance orientated. The tracks are called “Lokomotif” (named after the VST plug in, which features heavily in this cue) and “Maschine“, which favors Steinberg’s Triebwerk and Hyptonic Dance. SampleTank 3 and Tyrell6 also feature in these tracks.


Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has entered an original work to the Composer’s Challenge VIII contest. The aim was to write a concert suite to accompany the ‘creation’ scene from Terence Malick’s “Tree of Life”. You can read about the Composer’s Challenge, listen to the entries and read reviews the official website. While the contest is running, I’m afraid I can’t disclose which one is my entry. Stay tuned to find out. You can follow @Synchrotones on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news.

You can listen to “Creation” now: